Everything you should know about docking station in 2022

Dual Monitor Docking Station with Vertical Stand ZC01

1. What is a docking station?

A docking station, also known as a Port Replicator, is an external device for a laptop.

The docking station duplicates and expands the computer's ports, making the notebook computer a one-stop device for convenient connection with multiple accessories or external devices.

Note: The docking station is not available for all computer models!

2. The benefits of the docking station!

① It can effectively improve the heat dissipation capacity of the bottom of the notebook, strengthen the air circulation, and not transfer excess heat to the desktop to reduce the comfort of use. At the same time, it can better protect the notebook's internal components from being damaged due to overheating.

② By installing the docking station, the notebook can be effectively fixed on the desktop, which plays a fixed role and prevents the computer from falling and bumping when cleaning up the computer desk.

③ The lines can be sorted and arranged without being cluttered, and the external equipment can be better managed and used.

④ It can improve work efficiency. Connect the network cable, power cable, printer cable, mouse, etc., to the port replicator or docking station in the office. When you use it, you can put the machine on it, and when you leave, you can connect the machine and port replicator with one button. , The docking station is separated, which is very convenient.

3.  Why does the expansion dock burn out the motherboard of the MacBook?

Many students have been wondering: Why can't the laptop be turned on the next day after using an external monitor on a computer for one night? The progress bar has been turned on, read halfway, and then re-read the bar, can't boot?

Why can't the laptop be charged after using the external docking station for a few days, and it doesn't respond when I press it?

There are two reasons:

① Short circuit

When we plug the expansion dock directly into the laptop, the internal PCB of the expansion dock is directly connected to the notebook motherboard. Therefore, the entire internal circuit is connected when we charge the laptop through the expansion dock. If the interior circuit design is unreasonable (such as desoldering, continuous welding, etc.), it may be short-circuited, and the motherboard may be burned out.

② Instantaneous high voltage

The current docking station supports PD fast charging. Some PD fast charging power can reach 80W or even 100W. When using PD fast charging, if the input voltage is unstable or the internal design of the docking station is not reasonable enough (such as the lack of an isolation cover), the notebook motherboard may be directly broken down due to excessive instantaneous voltage.

4. How to prevent the expansion dock from burning the notebook motherboard?

① Try not to charge through the docking station.

Now that we know that the notebook's motherboard will be burned out only when we charge the notebook through the expansion dock, so as long as we try to avoid charging the notebook through the expansion dock, we can reduce the chance of the motherboard being burned out.

However, sometimes, we have to charge the notebook through the docking station. In this case, what should we do?

② Choose a docking station with reliable quality.

Since charging through the docking station is unavoidable, we must work hard to select the expansion dock and choose a brand with reliable quality and a reliable reputation.

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