FAQ - HU-104B Laptop Docking Station Stand

Q: My laptop don't have usb c, can i use a usb type-c to usb-a male connected to the laptop?

A: Hi, thisHU-104B is a plug and play USB-C docking stations, it requires a USB-C laptop, and sorry to say an extra USB to USB-C adapter is not acceptable due to the interface protocol is different between USB-C interface and USB interface.


Q: Will this support dual displays that are 2560x1080 and a 1920x1080?

A: If your laptop's USB C port supports DP1.4 then this 4URPC laptop docking station dual monitor HU104B can drive two monitors, one at 2560x1080 and the other at 1920x1080.


Q: Does this work with Chromebooks?

A: Chrome OS is compatible, please make sure the USB C port of your Chromebook supports USB C Alt DisplayPort, Power delivery and data transfer.


Q: Does it work with a razer blade 15 laptop?

A: This dual monitor dock stand can fully work with most Razer Blade 15-inch laptops, EXCEPT the Razer Blade 15 Base Edition GeForce GTX 1660 Ti.
NOTE: please connect the 4URPC dock and your laptop through the Thunderbolt 3 port.


Q: Does this require installation of any drivers or software in order to use it with a PC laptop?

A: This usb c laptop docking station doesn't require any software or driver, just make sure you laptop has a USB C port that supports USB C Alt Display output, Power Delivery and data transfer.


Q: will this work with hp elitebook laptop?

A: HP EliteBook is a big family with many exact child laptop model.
Just make sure your HP EliteBook has a USB C port, and this USB C port supports USB C Alt display output, power delivery and data transfer feature, so 4URPC dual monitor laptop docking station will fully compatible.
Also you can feel free to offer your exact laptop model via support@4urpc.com, so we can check and offer correct reply.


Q: If i plug a 130w usb c charger into the docking station, can i get it to pass through more wattage? if not, do you know a model that will?

A: Hi, this HU-104B USB C laptop docking station support up to 100 W input and 87 W output. If you attach a 130 W power supply, you still get max 100 W input and up to 87 W output, cannot get more than 100 W input.


Q: What is the shipping weight?

A: The shipping weight of this dual monitor laptop dock is 471g/16.61oz.


Q: Will this work with a surface pro 7?

A: Yes, this USB C laptop docking station dual monitor can fully compatible with a Surface Pro 7.


Q: I have a dell laptop with the correct usb-c port type, but my laptop uses a 65w charger. Will that be enough for this to power it?

A: The 65W power adapter is enough for this USB C laptop docking station to work and charge your Dell laptop.


Q: Does this support 120 fps at 1440?

A: Sorry to say this dual monitor dock stand only supports single monitor max at 4K@30hz and dual monitor max at 1080P@60Hz.


For any further questions, please feel free to contact us via support@4urpc.com