FAQ - DS-C06 Docking Station For MacBook Pro Air

Q: What is the refresh rate for 2K monitors?

A: 2K@60hz, please note this MacBook Pro docking station is for MacBook Pro 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020(NON-M1), MacBook Air 2018 2019 2020(NON-M1), Mac Mini 2018 2019 2020(NON-M1)


Q: Will this product work with a 2014 Mac mini?

A: NO, this dual monitor macbook dock only work with the Thunderbolt 3 Macs and MacBooks, it wouldn't work with a 2014 Mac mini.


Q: Work with M1?

A: NOT exactly, a MacBook with an Apple M1 chip only drive one external monitor due to the M1 chip limitation, if you need to 2 or 3 external monitors, please consider our driver-based multiple monitor docking station DS-C02.


Q: Can I extend my laptop's screen when the macbook is closed or does the macbook always need to remain open?

A: You can close your Macbook while displaying the content on the external monitor.


Q: Is this macbook pro docking station dual monitor compatible with the Macbook Air 2020 with the new M1 processor?

A: Sorry to say this plug-and-play dual monitor docking station is not compatible with an M1 MacBook Air 2020. Please consider our driver-based DS-C02 to break through the M1 limitation.


Q: Is the 06 compatible with thunderbolt at any of its usb terminals - ie 40 gig transfer speeds? please provide clear specifications for pc use

A: The dual monitor docking station DS-C06 has 4 USB C ports, two for connecting MacBook(Host1 and Host2), one for USB C power input(with a charging icon), and the fourth USB C port on the front of the dock supports 5Gbps data transfer.
For the 40Gbps transfer speed, please try to use a Thunderbolt 3 dock instead of any USB C dock.


Q: What about m1x?

A: This DS-C06 MacBook docking station can compatible with a MacBook which is equipped with intel chip or M1 max chip or M1 Pro chip. 


Q: This macbook pro docking station can drive two 4K monitors, will it compatible two 2K resolution? i don't have a 4k monitor

A: Yes, this MacBook Pro docking station can work with two 2k resolution. The HDMI port support Max resolution at 4K@30Hz, backward 2K and HD 1080P@60Hz.


Q: Does this have multiple Thunderbolt 3 ports?

A: Sorry, this DS-C06 docking station is designed for MacBook which is equipped with at least two Thunderbolt 3 ports on the same side(not with M1 chips), not for Windows or Chrome or other laptop.


Q: How long is the dual usb-c host cord? if i want it longer, can i use two separate usb-c cables?

A: The length is 3.3ft (1 meter), and we wouldn't recommend connecting the dock with and more than 3.3 ft connection cable, especially for display output, longer cable may cause unstable performance, that's why most docks provide a connection cable less than 3.3ft.


Q: The description said this macbook pro docking station has sd and micro sd slot, what about the read and write speed

A: The SD/TF port support up to 104Mb/s write/read speed.


Q: How about the ethernet spped via this macbook pro docking station?

A: The Ethernet port support 10/100/1000 Mbps.



For any further questions, please feel free to contact us via support@4urpc.com