DS-C03 Dock Product Description

4URPC DS-C03 Dual Monitor Laptop Docking Station for Both MacBook Pro/Air

4URPC Dual Monitor Laptop Docking Station for Both MacBook Pro/Air

Here is an advanced all-in-one dual monitor dock solution for your MacBook Pro Air ----> 4URPC USB C Dual Monitor Laptop Docking Station DSC03!

This USB C Dual Monitor laptop docking station dual monitor is equipped with 2 x HDMI port for dual EXTEND 4K displays for Mac Users; Four USB 3.0 and One USB Type-C for Data, 5Gbps, transfer files in seconds; Two USB 2.0 ports, for no-lag wireless mouse and keyboard; USB C PD 3.0, Max 100W input and 87W output; RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet, super speed up to 1Gbps; Audio and Mic. Connects up to 13 devices effortlessly with ONE DUAL USB C cable, you can easily turn your MacBook into a complete triple display workstation with this 4URPC USB C Dual Monitor Dock.

Connect DS-C03 Mac Docking Station for your MacBook Pro/Air

The Steps to Connect this Mac Docking Station for your MacBook Pro/Air

>1 Attach a USB C power supply to the ""POWER"" port

>2 Connect your USB C laptop and the HOST 1 +HOST 2 ports of the USB C dock via the dual USB C cable as attached

>3 Connect your monitors via HDMI1+HDMI2 or HDMI1+DP ports, and you can get dual 4k resolution

(HDMI 2 and the DP port are from the same video source)

>4 Connect your other USB devices, such as mouse and keyboard


*Host1 is controlling HDMI1, and Host2 is controlling all ports except HDMI1.

*This USB C docking station is not equipped with a power adapter, please use your MacBook's USB C power supply.

*The length of connection cable is 3.3 ft, to ensure a better display output performance, any longer connection cable is NOT recommended.

Super Fast Data Transfer

RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet More stable

SuperSpeed charging efficiency

This Mac Dock is equipped with Four USB 3.0 ports and TWO USB 2.0 ports and One USB C port. The USB 3.0 ports and USB C port support Data Transfer speed up to 5Gbps for your USB/USB C hard drive or flash Disk. You can use USB 2.0 ports to connect your wireless keyboard or mouse, printer, other USB devices. 4URPC Dual USB C Dock is adopts RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet chip. The stable and ultra-fast network speed allows you to upload and download large files or audio and video more efficiently, and realize the transmission of large files in seconds

The Power port of this 4URPC MacBook Docking station support charging input up to 100W and output 87W, it supports high-speed charging of your MacBook while connecting multiple devices to run stably.

Note: USB C Charger is not included in the box


Full Compatibility List with macOS:

MacBook Pro 13inch MacBook Pro 13inch 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020(NON-M1)
MacBook Pro 15inch MacBook Pro 15inch 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020/2021(Not for a MacBook with an M1 chip)
MacBook Pro 16inch MacBook Pro 16inch 2019/2020/2021(Not for a MacBook with an M1 chip)
MacBook Air MacBook Air (Retina 13-inch) 2018/2019/2020 (Not for a MacBook with an M1 chip)
Important Note M1 Chip: Only support One external Display
Important Note M1 Pro/Max: Support connect Dual Displays
Important Note M1 Utral: Support connect Dual Displays