DisplayLink Driver Installation Guide

The bottom HDMI on the MacBook docking station triple monitor is plug-and-play via USB C Alt, and the top HDMI and DP ports on the Macbook Air docking station work based on the USB 3.0 driver. Please must make sure that your laptop's USB-C port support power delivery and alt-mode display, otherwise the bottom HDMI cannot work.

STEP 1 - Attach the power adapter to the DC 20V port of the 4URPC docking station(the indicator will light on).

STEP 2 - Connect the TO HOST port of the USB C dock station and laptop via the USB C connection cable as attached.

STEP 3 - Download the "DisplayLink Manager" by visiting here: https://www.synaptics.com/products/displaylink-graphics/downloads

STEP 4 - Choose your operating system.

STEP 5 - Download and Install.

STEP 6 - Connect all the devices.

STEP 7 - Set up the resolution and enjoy.